As we sit in the nurturing environment of the therapy session, we will collaborate to identify the change you hope to make in your life. From in-depth one-on-one sessions to impactful couples counseling, my approach to therapeutic change emphasizes the interconnections and secure attachments between people, the stories we create for ourselves, and the mending of dysfunctional thought patterns.

At Two Rivers Counseling, I offer a professional therapeutic approach for four different clientele: couples, families, individuals, and men. My practice always takes the time and consideration each person deserves to have them set on a path of healing with a refined sense of self-worth.

If you’re searching for a therapist in Teton Valley and the greater states of Idaho & Wyoming, I’d love to hear from you. Schedule your appointment today and start working towards building a nurturing environment for your well-deserved feelings of living a balanced life.

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