1. 3 Things to Do For Yourself Every Day

    Let’s be honest — dealing with life in the midst of a pandemic is incredibly difficult. Not only is it more complicated to see friends and family members, but for many, work is also a massive challenge. For some, it’s adjusting to the new dynamic of working from home and trying to maintain a work/life balance. For others, it’s masking up and going into work every day in order to bring home…Read More

  2. Speak with a Family Therapist Online

    With the recent pandemic still ongoing, many families are finding themselves in closer proximity than ever before. Of course, every family is a little bit different, but the fact remains that for many people out there, the reality is that we’re in our homes the vast majority of the time. In the past, some family members would leave the house to go to work and others to go to school. Parents had …Read More