1. How to Tell If You Need Relationship Counseling

    There’s no doubt about it. Relationships are hard. They take a great deal of work, even if your connection comes very naturally. Add in the fact that we’re dealing with a global pandemic and it can be that much more challenging.  At Two Rivers Counseling in Portland, we’re here to help you through life’s difficulties, ensuring that you and your partner have a listening ear. Whether you’…Read More

  2. Now Is the Perfect Time for Marriage Counseling

    In the midst of COVID-19, many of us are learning that it can be difficult to be cooped up — even when it’s with people that we love and care about more than anything else in the world. Whether you’re working from home with your partner and the kids or the people you live with are out of work, things can start to feel tense. Where there used to be no issues, you’re now noticing that little…Read More

  3. Couples Counseling is Perfect for New Parents

    If you’re a new parent, you’re probably finding that adjusting to a new way of life presents a number of different challenges that you may not have even considered. It’s amazing in ways that you didn’t think possible, but it can also be incredibly trying. Suddenly, you’re in a position where you’re learning about a new human, and in no time you’re learning cues for when your baby is …Read More

  4. A Few Situations Where Couples Counseling Might Be a Smart Move

    For many, the idea of couples counseling can be incredibly intimidating. After all, it is often seen as a sign that there is something irreparably wrong with a relationship. Because film and television often portray this type of counseling as the last step before an inevitable split, many people think that it’s their last shot to make things work. At Two Rivers Therapy, we’re happy to say that…Read More

  5. How to Have a Successful Argument With Your Partner

    How to Have a Successful Argument With Your Partner

    Here’s a bit of truth for you — even the most compatible of people are bound to disagree about something. Even when these people have a lot of things in common, given enough time, an argument is bound to occur. Sometimes it can even be as simple as one person having had a bad day and being easily annoyed. The reality is that every couple is going to argue, but did you know that it’s possible…Read More