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Balancing today…Visioning the future…

Two Rivers Counseling in Idaho & Wyoming has a two part commitment to your well-being. Firstly, we work towards helping you make immediate positive changes in your life, from the moment you walk into the office. Secondly, we realize the importance of routine wellness visits to help you maintain a balanced and fulfilling mental health outlook over the long haul. This is no less important than scheduling routine wellness exams through a physician, a practice that is thoroughly embraced in the medical world of clinics and hospitals.

Towards that end, at the conclusion of your first appointment at Two Rivers Counseling, we encourage you to schedule a routine wellness visit, three months in the future. As the time for that future visit approaches, we ask you to prepare by taking an inventory of how life is going. Note any areas where you are feeling stuck and concerned. As well, acknowledge the positive changes you are making in your life.

Prior to your three month wellness visit, you can decide if you would like to keep the appointment, or if you want to cancel or reschedule it.

It is our fervent hope that by having routine three-month wellness visits, you will notice and appreciate how you are holistically co-emphasizing the mental and physical aspects of a healthy and vibrant self, both today and in the future.