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Helping families experiencing difficulties

Seeing families as an intricate system of individuals forms the foundation of my work in this area. This “Family Systems” model views the difficulties that families are having as a complicated interplay between the individuals, rather than the fault or pathologizing of one family member. Utilizing this systems approach, the family members and I co-discover what roles each person has taken on. We ask about the power structure within the family. I help families to delineate the typical patterns of interaction which do not serve the family. We then vision what positive patterns and inter-relationships would be preferred. Harmonious and collaborative change is strived for, in the service of a more loving, patient, and compassionate family system.

If you are seeking family counseling in Idaho & Wyoming, I would love to help you work through the difficulties you’re experiencing. Get in touch using the links to the right to schedule your appointment.

silence and giggles…

alone in a chair.
Into the room
where we used to talk
And snuggle.

Everyone now in his
or her
or out…somewhere.

Silence where once there were giggles.

children with anxiety,

parents wanting…

help with anxiety.
It hasn’t been so long.
Where is the family
I knew?
Sharing meals.

We will roll up our sleeves
And work to find family.
Where there is love
There is hope.