We live in a day and age where loneliness can often feel debilitating. We’re so connected in every other aspect of our lives that sometimes in-person communication can suffer for it. After all, we can keep in touch with anyone on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so the need to get together and catch up probably doesn’t feel quite as strong as it used to.

There’s no doubt about it — even when people are a quick instant message away, people are feeling lonelier and more isolated than ever. In fact, even if you’re in an office space with several coworkers, you can experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. If this is something that you’ve felt, then today’s post is for you. In it, we’ll be breaking down a couple of things you may  not have considered. The goal, of course, is to help you work through the things in your life that are getting you down. Keep reading to learn more!

Being Intentional With Your Time

Community, friendship, and relationships are all wonderful and beautiful things. There’s nothing in the world quite as life-giving as a great conversation with someone you love. There’s nothing that can pick you up at the end of a long day like a good hug from a person you care about. But in a time where it can be easy to feel alone even when you’re surrounded by others, whether digitally or in person, sometimes the answer is simply to be intentional in your solitude.

That might be confusing, but here’s what we mean: sometimes the answer to loneliness is to look within, to seek out the ways in which being alone can help you to feel recharged rather than depleted.

For example, heading over to your favorite outdoor space and going for a walk while listening to some music or a podcast can really offer you the mental and physical rejuvenation that you’re craving. You’re alone, but there’s intention behind it. 

Other Ideas For Benefitting from Along Time

Although feeling alone can be a really intimidating thing, intentional alone time can be a balm for your soul. So what can you do to make the most of this time? Treat yourself to the things you know you like and challenge yourself to explore new interests. 

If you love to read, grab a book, curl up on the couch, and enjoy a cup of hot tea. If you want to relax, draw a warm bath and fill it with bubbles, salts, or bath bombs, and slip into tranquility. If you’re a movie buff, track down a few films that you’ve never seen and let yourself become immersed in the world of the movie.

If you’d like to explore new interests, write down a few of your goals, do some research, and come up with a game plan for what you can do to enrich yourself during the times that you’re feeling alone. Take a trip to the library, go to the museum, or attend a local class on a subject that interests you. The world is your oyster!

Speak With a Therapist

In truth, there are certainly times where feeling alone and isolated can start to take a toll on you. If that’s the case, seeking out a therapist is never a bad idea. Whether you have a serious issue that you’d like some help working through or you’d just like someone who can offer you personalized advice about how you can deal with loneliness, Two Rivers Counseling is a great place to visit.

We offer personal, professional, effective counseling that’s designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed. From couples counseling to mens counseling, if you’ve made the decision to find a therapist, Dr. Post-Holmberg would love to hear from you. Whether that means sitting down with a cup of coffee and talking things through or going for a relaxing walk outside while we explore what’s going on in your life, we think you’ll feel right at home at Two Rivers Counseling. Our sessions are designed to provide patients with whatever they need to make positive improvements and work through difficulties.

No matter who you are, Dr. Post-Holmberg is here to help. Schedule an appointment today!