It’s an easy thing to do — you make a mistake, and rather than accepting it and moving on, you beat yourself up. Whether it was a decision you made about how to handle a situation at work or an accident at home that ended up costing you some money, the truth is that there are plenty of different kinds of mistakes that can be made.

At our Portland counseling office, we think that in many instances, people are just being too hard on themselves. We know that actions have consequences, and you’ll have to deal with those consequences, but it’s important to ask yourself if you’re holding yourself to unreasonable standards. At Two Rivers Counseling, our advice is to be kinder to yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Although it might not feel like it, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. It’s especially hard to not feel like you’re the only one who is messing up when the mistake you make has consequences. The truth is that no one is impervious to lapses in judgement.

One thing to ask yourself is if the mistakes you make are recurring. If they are, it’s important to seek help, and seeing a therapist is a great place to start. He or she will be able to help you parse your feelings and determine what lies at the heart of your decision-making process.

In many instances, however, mistakes are just that — mistakes.

You’re Allowed to Be Kind to Yourself

When you drop the ball on something, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack, and to ask for others to do the same. Is it always easy to be kind to yourself during this process? Absolutely not, and sometimes it does take time to forgive yourself, but the goal is to put your mistake in the past and move forward.

At the end of the day, the best perspective you can have is that every mistake is a lesson. Be thankful for the learning experience, keep pushing forward, and use it as an opportunity to grow as a person. If you need to ask for forgiveness from your loved ones, be sure to do it, because it’s an important part of the process. If you need to figure out how to be more gracious with yourself, take the time to do that as well.

Do You Need to Find a Therapist in Portland?

One of the best things you can do if you’re struggling with moving forward in a given situation is to seek out a counselor. At Two Rivers Counseling, Dr. Post-Holmberg is here to help you find meaningful ways to make progress. Whether you’re seeking family counseling, couples counseling, or even men’s counseling, Two Rivers Counseling is for you.

With a number of different therapeutic techniques at his disposal, Portland counselor Dr. Post-Holmberg uses attachment theory, emotionally focused therapy, narrative therapy, and trauma reprocessing to help you push forward after a mistake, allowing you to move on. Whether your standards for yourself are unrealistically high or you know you’ve hurt someone, you deserve to get the help you need to experience true freedom. Schedule an appointment today.