1. Are You In Need of Counseling in Portland, Oregon?

    If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, there might be something you need to hear — you don’t have to go through it alone! All too often, people feel like they have to tough it out when they’re going through a rough patch. Whether it’s a recurring problem in a relationship, a frustrating experience with depression or anxiety, or something else entirely, the truth is that s…Read More

  2. Is It Time for a Career Change?

    Does the thought of heading into the office each morning fill you with a sense of dread? Do you wake up on Sunday mornings frustrated at the thought that you only have one more day of freedom before you have to go back to work? Do you hold onto moments of frustration that you encounter during the average workday?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance that you’r…Read More

  3. Do You Need Counseling to Make a Tough Decision?

    Everyone faces them at some point or another, and if you have a difficult decision to make, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. For some, it can feel like your stomach is tied in knots every time a thought about the decision comes up; for others, it’s simply that there doesn’t seem to be a choice that has an upside. Whatever the case may be, it can be difficult to make your decision alone.  …Read More

  4. Don’t Let Life’s Big Changes Overwhelm You

    Moving across the country. Starting a new job. Ending a relationship. Dealing with an illness. These are some of the biggest changes that life can throw your way, and frankly, it can be overwhelming to deal with them. In many instances, it can almost feel like too much to even think about them.  You’ve tried it all, from focusing on your breathing to going on walks to taking relaxing baths, but…Read More

  5. Couples Counseling is Perfect for New Parents

    If you’re a new parent, you’re probably finding that adjusting to a new way of life presents a number of different challenges that you may not have even considered. It’s amazing in ways that you didn’t think possible, but it can also be incredibly trying. Suddenly, you’re in a position where you’re learning about a new human, and in no time you’re learning cues for when your baby is …Read More

  6. A Few Situations Where Couples Counseling Might Be a Smart Move

    For many, the idea of couples counseling can be incredibly intimidating. After all, it is often seen as a sign that there is something irreparably wrong with a relationship. Because film and television often portray this type of counseling as the last step before an inevitable split, many people think that it’s their last shot to make things work. At Two Rivers Therapy, we’re happy to say that…Read More

  7. What To Do When You’re Feeling Overworked

    No matter what you do for a living, work occupies a large amount of our time. Whether you love your job or wish you were doing something else, there’s no doubt that we spend a lot of time and energy trying to do the best work we can for our employers.  Unfortunately, it can often lead to overworking ourselves in order to get everything done. Needless to say, the end result is frustration, stres…Read More

  8. The Rejuvenating Power of Spending Time Alone

    We live in a day and age where loneliness can often feel debilitating. We’re so connected in every other aspect of our lives that sometimes in-person communication can suffer for it. After all, we can keep in touch with anyone on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so the need to get together and catch up probably doesn’t feel quite as strong as it used to. There’s no doubt about it — even wh…Read More

  9. How Music Can Help You Through a Tough Time

    When times get particularly tough, what do you do to help yourself make it through them? Although it can be tempting to turn to destructive habits, the truth is that there are plenty of healthy (and healthful) things you can do to start moving out of a slump and into contentment. There’s no doubt that it can be overwhelming to figure things out, but the good news is that if you would benefit fro…Read More

  10. Are You Holding Yourself to Unreasonable Standards?

    It’s an easy thing to do — you make a mistake, and rather than accepting it and moving on, you beat yourself up. Whether it was a decision you made about how to handle a situation at work or an accident at home that ended up costing you some money, the truth is that there are plenty of different kinds of mistakes that can be made. At our Portland counseling office, we think that in many instan…Read More