If you’re a new parent, you’re probably finding that adjusting to a new way of life presents a number of different challenges that you may not have even considered. It’s amazing in ways that you didn’t think possible, but it can also be incredibly trying. Suddenly, you’re in a position where you’re learning about a new human, and in no time you’re learning cues for when your baby is hungry, needs to be changed, and much more. It’s all a lot to deal with.

For many, couples counseling probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a solution to this new way of life. At Two Rivers Counseling, we think that it’s a perfect option for adjusting to having a baby in your home. Although people generally only think about visiting a marriage and family therapist when things aren’t going well at home, the truth is that therapy can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of different circumstances.

In today’s post, we’ll be breaking down a few of the ways that couples counseling can benefit new parents. If that’s something that appeals to you, keep reading to learn more.

A New Way of Life

New parents find themselves in a completely unique state of mind. In addition to learning about their new child, they are also lacking sleep. Unfortunately, just because they’re tired doesn’t mean they don’t have to continue making decisions. When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night (often more than once) needing to be fed, the parents need to spring into action.

Once the baby is fed, he or she needs to be changed, re-swaddled, and rocked back to sleep. If you’re lucky, the baby will continue sleeping when placed back in the crib. 

As we said, it’s a totally new way of life! That means, of course, that it’s something that you’ll need to adjust to. Instead of eating when you want, sleeping for eight hours, and running errands whenever it suits you, you’re on your baby’s schedule. 

Providing You With Calm Reassurance

Needless to say, having the right support system in place can make a world of difference. When family members help to care for the baby and friends bring food over, it helps to take some of the work off of your plate. That’s a wonderful thing! Take advantage of any help you can get to help make the load a little bit lighter.

We touched on it above, but during this time, parents don’t necessarily think of couples counseling as an option to help them get through the difficult early stages of new-parenthood. After all, who has the time to find a therapist when the baby takes up so much time? The truth though is that having someone to talk to can make all the difference in the world.

At Two Rivers Counseling, Dr. Post-Holmberg will take the time to provide professional, personal, effective counseling for your situation. Rather than feeling like you’re alone during an emotional time, you’ll find that Dr. Post-Holmberg can help you process your feelings and come up with a plan that works for you. Because our emotions can run wild during times of stress, managing them can present a real challenge. Here’s what we want you to know: it’s okay to be emotional at this time! It’s okay to get frustrated. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to want a break. This is all completely normal. It’s also important for you to know that there’s an outlet available to help you work through everything.

Schedule an Appointment Today

When you see Dr. Post-Holmberg, you can expect that he’ll listen deeply to your story, then he’ll work with you to help you through the difficulties, reprocessing your experiences and sharing advice on how to create life-affirming roads moving forward. 

Perhaps most importantly, we can do whatever’s most comfortable to you during your session. If that means taking the baby for a walk, we can do that! If it means rocking the baby and talking, we can do that! 

In short, your comfort as a family is important and Dr. Post-Holmberg is here to help you through the journey of being a new parent. As we mentioned above, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll find in life, and if you push forward in a way that’s healthy for you and your family, you’ll find happiness, peace, and more. Schedule your appointment today!