Famous blacksmiths often create the sharpest swords; great writers produce powerful novels and articles. Most often than not, they do counseling when they get demotivated or burnt out. It is the same with couples. Partnership with another person is difficult. Even the people with the most common of characteristics will bound to have fights and disagreements sooner or later. The good thing is they don’t need to go through it alone.

What is Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts. They undergo this therapy to improve their relationship with one another. Through counseling, couples can make thoughtful decisions about rekindling their fire and enforcing their affection from one another. It’s like adding sweetener to your tea.

Why Have Counseling?

A marriage counselor in Portland describes counseling with couples as having a tea party. There is a host (the counselor), and there are the guests (the couples). Having tea is parallelled to pouring your heart out towards the counselor and to your partner. More often than not, some problems of couples are resolved when they can freely share their emotions and insights.

When to Counsel?

Same as sharpening a saw, couples needed a therapist when suddenly they felt dullness in their relationship. Some resolve to stay away for a while, but studies show that the earlier you go to your marriage counselor, the better. We sharpen the saw immediately to remain useful. Couples counsels to rekindle their relationship. The best time is always now.

Who to Approach to Have Counseling? 

In Two Rivers Counseling, in the wonderful neighborhood of Portland, we offer to help couples. We are professional counselors focusing on families, couples, individuals, and men. Our counseling emphasizes on interconnections and secure attachments between people, their stories, and the mending of one’s thought patterns. Thus, many couples turn to us for help.

Couples do need marriage counselors or couple counseling. It is not because they are experiencing problems, but it allows them to identify their dull thought patterns that may lead to one. Two Rivers Counseling in Portland are professional counselors you can connect and collaborate with. The best time to have one is now. We are here for you.

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